Are delta 9 products safe?

However, it has some possible risks and side effects. Adults over 21 years of age should use hemp-derived Delta 9 products moderately. A drug test cannot distinguish between the hemp-derived Delta-9 and the illegal variety. Delta-9 can test positive, even in small amounts found in full-spectrum CBD.

A recent study found that delta-9 THC can remain detectable from three days after a single dose to 30 days for those who take the compound consistently. Grigaitis isn't the only one who sees an opportunity. Some 120 brands sell delta-9 hemp-derived products online, according to a study published in April by CBD Oracle, which reports on the industry. If you're curious about mixing Delta 8 and Delta 9, you can do it, but it might not be as exciting as you imagine.

When you start buying Delta 9 gummies, you'll notice how many different brands you can choose from.

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