How do you calculate delta 9 thc?

To calculate the potential of delta-9-THC, laboratories apply a maximum conversion rate of 87.9% to the amount of THCA and then add it to the actual delta-9-THC found in the plant. While all of the formulas are derived from hemp grown in the USA. In the United States and tested in external laboratories with ISO certification, products with THC delta 9 are the only ones that can have a small psychoactive effect. Unlike broad-spectrum CBD, which has no detectable levels of THC, and low-potency full-spectrum CBD, which contains a small amount of THC, high-potency full-spectrum Delta 9 THC is the complete package.

So how does mathematics work? How can we offer you Delta 9 THC gummies that contain enough THC to provide you with additional benefits while staying below the amount of federally legal THC? Simple. This is because products with THC delta 9 are generally more potent than broad-spectrum CBD or even full-spectrum CBD formulas. This means that THC delta 9 is closely controlled and regulated, making it a more transparent cannabinoid than THC delta 8 (which is not regulated or tested). Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) comes in many forms, such as THC delta 8, delta 9 and delta 10; the only difference in its chemical structure is the location of a double carbon bond (in the eighth, ninth, or tenth carbon bond of the chain).

That said, such a small difference in their chemical formulas is enough to vary their potency and effects, and thanks to the bad reputation of THC, trying Delta 9 for the first time can be scary.

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