Can i mix different types of delta 9 edibles together?

There are no known contradictions when mixing both products in any way, even with edibles. Keep in mind that edible products can offer a different experience, especially since the dosage may be different and the other ingredients in the food may play a role in the experience. You can mix Delta-8 and Delta-9, but it may not be the “ultimate combination”. For example, you can take half a Koi Delta 8 gummy, half a Koi Delta 9 gummy, and half a Koi Delta 10 gummy.

Another important question asked by those curious about cannabis is: “Can Delta 8 and Delta 9 be mixed safely? In short, it's as possible to safely mix them up as it is to overdo it. Each pack combines 20 mg of THC delta 8, 10 mg of THC delta 9 and 20 mg of THC delta 10 for a total of 50 mg of THC. In addition to wondering: “Can you mix Delta 8 and Delta 9? , many people question the different effects that each type produces. Delta 9 strength, it's important to understand the effects and potency of a product before using it.

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